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When you build a truck that works as hard as Chevrolet Silverado, word gets around. All across this land, you’ll see it carrying the weight, working the family farms, getting the job done. And it’s easy to get the Silverado that’s right for your needs with an array of cab configurations, all available in 2WD or 4WD versions. Of course, if you’re building a great truck, you start with a solid foundation. Every Chevrolet Silverado features a hydroformed frame that allows for fewer welds and better fits than traditional stamped steel. The result? Impressive payload so you can get more done. Silverado also features the proven power of hardworking V6 and V8 engines along with a spacious and refined interior. And when you’re looking for technology that takes a decidedly different direction, there’s the Silverado Hybrid. Its advanced powertrain is designed to be eco-friendly while providing the capability you’d expect from Silverado. It all adds up to a strong lineup of trucks you can always count on. Locate a Chevy Silverado at a Certified Pre-Owned dealer near you.
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