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GM Certified Pre-Owned Used GMC Sierra HD Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks
The GMC Sierra 2500HD and 3500HD trucks work hard and smart at the same time thanks to their incredible strength and power. They’re also equipped with features that will help bring any job down to size, while making your travels feel nearly effortless. Climb into the cab of a Sierra HD and you’ll quickly realize everything that surrounds you has been purpose-built. From the integration of advanced technologies to generous storage to ample stretch-out room, it’s designed to put the driver in control and passengers at ease. To make sure your heavy-duty work demands are met with ease, some Sierra 2500HD and 3500HD model trucks come with either proven Vortec or Duramax Diesel engines along with strong, rigid frames. And you can raise the standards of Professional Grade with Sierra Denali HD that takes luxury and refinement to a new level. It combines the heavy-duty capability of Sierra HD with a premium-accented cabin and distinctive exterior. No matter which model you choose, each ingeniously combines brains, brawn, and tremendous capability.

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